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Anonymous: I really like my gbf. He recently asked me why we have never dated. I came up with an excuse because I was afraid of losing what we have. I now realize that our friendship is strong enough to survive anything, even a breakup. I don't know how to tell him that I'm no longer afraid. He has already asked me about dating three times before Should I make the grand gesture this time, or should I wait til he brings it up again? If I should, how do I bring it up?

I think in this situation you should tell him in a way or another that you’ve agreed. But don’t ask him on a date or something. Tell him as a friend. If he still wants to ask you for a date, he’ll. If he didn’t, then he’s not into it anymore.

Anonymous: my gbf and I have been best friends since kindergarten. our families are super close, we do everything together. even go to church together! we usually do all the things that the couples do like cuddle, hug, he hands, send hearts and all that but it was just as friends. now, he asked me to make out with him and asked if he could touch my butt and boobs and, other places. I've never thought of him in that way. what do I tell him?

First of all, in that way he absloutely doesn’t love you. He just wants to touch you. You’re in danger. Don’t let him do that.
If he was in love with you he wouldn’t ask for that, even as a boyfriend.

Anonymous: Me and my guy bestfriend were so close but than something happen and I don't know what it is and I miss him so much what can I do. (Sorry for my English bc I'm Turkish)

It’s okay, I can understand.
When this happens it’s actually called being selfish. Talk to him and ask him what’s wrong. And again, as I’ve told many girls before you, apologize if you did something wrong. If not, he’s simply not worth your time.

Anonymous: my gbf dated this one girl and during that relationship he kept me on the back burner and I confronted him after that relationship ends and he said if that happens again I can tell his girlfriend to "back the fuck off" and I think I like him but idk

This happens to the most of our gbfs. If you think you have kind of ‘jealousy’ and that you like him that’ll be selfish. If it’s not about being jealous, you should talk to him, not her, if this happened again. He’s the one who should balance between both of you and his GF.

Anonymous: Hey, I'm 15 and my guy best friend is 20, He's like a brother to me and we talk everyday. He lives in a completely different country to me. Everyone says I'm stupid because of the age difference and that something will happen and "not to date him" I see him as a brother though and he's gay so he wouldn't see me like that either. Am I stupid for being friends with someone with such a big age gap?

You’re not stupid. Actually, it depends on both of you.

Look dear, if he makes you happy , can understand you, and you’re comfortable with him, don’t listen to what people say.


Anonymous: My bestfriend stopped me from hating myself, and because of him I haven't told myself that I hate me for three months, and I've liked myself for close to one.

This kind of bestfriends should not be left alone. Don’t you ever give up on him or leave him. Ever.

Btw, you’re beautiful ♥ Don’t hate yourself for anything. No one is perfect.


Anonymous: Hi, I don't really have a guy best friend but I want one who understands me and will be there for me. Most guys at my school are jerks and aren't my cup of tea. My problem is I do t really know how to open up to people and be friendly because I don't want to get hurts what should I do?

Getting hurt is something normal in any kind of relationships. You can’t have a relationship without getting hurt, because getting hurt teaches you a lesson. Also, you can have a girl best friend. Another thing, I’m here for you.


Anonymous: Recently me and my gbf haven't been how we used to be we barely talk and he's so short answered he says he's too busy to hangout or talk even at 11pm... But he makes time for everyone else... What do I do...

Ask him why is he doing that. If you did something wrong you should apologize for him. If you didn’t and he’s doing that for no reason, just leave him. You’re not a toy.


Anonymous: I think I am in love with my best friend. But I don't know if he is interested. He does really sweet things for me and we cuddle and hold hands but idk. My friends think I'm in denial. But Ive never had someone like this do this stuff so idk.

Sometimes.. it’s much better to keep it in the friendship zone… It’ll always be nicer.. sweeter.. and more honest.