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Anonymous: Hi :) Me and my gbf are really close for like a year now .. and i want him to come visit me at my house for the first time, but I'm embarressed of my parents.. what do I do??

You don’t have to be. You tell them honestly that he’s your gbf no more, and about the visit. so simple.


Anonymous: Is it too late to make a guy best friend in high school? If not, how can I make one?

Of course it’s not. You just be friends and you get closer. Just you have to be sure to not flirt with him all the time that he gets you wrong and don’t ever have sex with him.


Anonymous: My gbf used to like me nd I liked him too (and still do) I was just unsure at the time bc I was coming out of a relationship nd we have a problem with our age difference but now the more we hang out I fall more for him but I think he might be set on not liking me now nd we recently had a talk about just being best friends bc age and since that talk I feel like our friendship is gone too! I feel annoying when I ask to hang out bc there always an excuse How do I get him back at least as my gbf?:(

Tell him that you want the old days back, your friendship, when there were no excuses. All you have is to be honest. And if he didn’t change that’s because he doesn’t want you. And then, you have to let him go.


Anonymous: My guy bestfriend got a gf and everyone hates her even me, my gbf even knows. Well I'm confused cause he gives me these signs that he likes me and he doesn't sometimes my friends and his friends say we should go out. 🙊 we are always fighting because of her, and he knows I get jealous and he gets jealous when I hang around a guy.

You get jealous, and he gets jealous. Why you two aren’t together? There’s something here. He’s lying or he’s a jerk. And you shouldn’t accept any of those options.


Anonymous: My bgf has a girlfriend that hates me. She cannot stand when I hang out with him or even talk to him in the halls at school. She's rude to my bgf sometimes and I try to tell him that everyone notices but he doesn't do anything about it. Idk what to do or tell him!! Help :(

Just stay next to him. After all, it’s his choice. Don’t get between your gbf and his GF. You gave him an advice, it’s his choice to listen or not. I hope he realizes as soon as possible.


Anonymous: Me and my bestfriend used to talk everyday about everything, he was like my other half But he's changed he's doesn't even try talking to me anymore and when we do it's just not the same We always fight and he just seems like he doesn't care at all! He told me he wanted to have sex with me and that he wante to run away with me but then it's like he changed over night ad he doesn't care at all and doesn't even try Should I just stop trying to or ??

You have to play, it’s your turn. Go and ask him honestly about what’s happening to him, and if there’s something he likes to tell you. Also, don’t have sex with him, ever. That’s what you should do for now. Then it’ll be his turn. If he didn’t “play”, then it’s over. Stop trying. You don’t have to fight to be in someone’s life. If they want you, they will let you.


Anonymous: Soo umm there is this guy friend of mine and I would be hanging out with him and I seriously have no idea what to do and also really needed some ideas to do some fun stuff together cuz would be spending a lot of time with him and I want it to be amazing, like please tell me a lot of things to do together and thanks, means a lot seriously

Just have fun. Be spontaneous. Be yourself! Ride bycicles, Go to parks, Have the icebucketchallenge together! There are many stuffs to do! Have a painting fight. Record videos together - funny ones. 

But just don’t forget.. it’s important to have deep talks between time and another to get your friendship real and strong. 


Anonymous: My best friend drinks a lot he's underage and I'm really worried about him and I don't know what to do to stop him from getting drunk all the time...

Have with him a deep talk. In situations like these people have a reason deep inside. In case he’s doing it just for fun, it can take him somewhere far and dangerous. Tell his parents.


Anonymous: SI've been best friends with this guy for four years. He is the sweetest person ever. We can talk about anything. We've dont alot of sexual things together. I fell in love with him over the years. Earlier this year we dated in secret because he had a girlfriend. I knew it was wrong but I could help it.We broke up. Then he told me that he broke up with his gf. It turns out that he lied. He's like one of the only people I trust and He know that I hate liars. So should I confront him or let it go?

Of course, let it go. Think about it, you were dating SECRETLY, and then he LIED to you. What else could be worse? 


Anonymous: Ok so I have this guy best friend he's a year younger and we hang out practically everyday. He is super sweet with me, laughs at all my jokes and flirts with me kind of sexually. The other day he asked me out I said no and he said he was joking I'm not sure if he actually was. I asked him the other day if he was serious and said ABSOLUTELY NOT. But I really like him a lot do you think he likes me? Also if he does I want to hint to him that I do like him how do I do that?

Maybe it’s your turn to ask him out. If he didn’t agree, then he’s not into you. Just leave it and stay bestfriends.