and in that moment i swear we were infinite
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Anonymous: Me and my gbf used to talk everyday and I could tell him anything and everything now we don't even talk and all he tells his best friend he always try's to piss me off.. I miss him but don't want to talk to him what do I do?!

What kind of guybestfriend pisses his girl off ?! If I were you, I can’t let myself remember even his name. Forget about him.

Anonymous: My best friend says he want me to always be apart if his life but, sometimes I can't help but like him more than a friend. I've none him since I was 7 years old and we're slowly building our relationship to become stronger. When I txt him he rarely replies. I don't know what to do. I don't want thing to happen like before. Help!

If you’re scared then there’s absolutely something wrong. If you feel like you’re stepping on the wrong road, DON’T. It’s important to use your heart, but more important to use your mind too.

Anonymous: I fell for my Best friend and I don't know what to do. I don't want to ruin the friendship with him. What should I do?

You have to decide what you want to save more - your friendship or your love. If it’s your friendship, keep going on. If it’s your love, tell him honestly how you feel.

Anonymous: My gbf we were best friends for maybe three or four months and then we dated and we kept going but it was on and off. I thought I got over him but idk because we talk n hang now. Idk what to do. I'm scared of how I feel for him.

Let your feelings tell you to do or not to do. If you’re over him as a boyfriend or a lover, then just don’t make things happen like hanging out and dates and stuff. Just be a bestfriend.

Anonymous: Okay, ss I have a guy best friend. And I happen to be in love with him. I told him I liked him but he said he had a girlfriend that was ignoring him, and that when he could dump her he would ask me out. But a few days later he was posting on his facebook page that his girlfriend cheated on him. But he's always flirting with me. I mean that's like the main topic for him. Do you think he likes me or not???

I can’t tell if he’s in love with you or not, but I can clearly see a chance out there waiting for both of you to use it.


Anonymous: So I told my guy best friend that I liked him. Then my "friend" got in the middle of it and now it's all awkward. I'll see him once in a while when hanging out with my other friend and my face turns completely red because I'm so embarrassed. All the laughs have turned into awkward silences and it absolutely kills me inside. I miss laughing and hanging out with him. I just want the old times back.

Then just tell him that you want him as a guybestfriend, no more. 

Else, I think you should stay away from the friend who got in the middle of it. If he/she really wanted you to be happy, he/she would never do that.


Anonymous: Heey :) i like a guy ever since i started college and he was my close friend but he found out i likes him so we dtarted avoiding each other and he told my friend i was the one avoiding him and he also said he was shy a lot of people told me he MIGHT like me back but i dont want to believe them and get my hopes up... So what should i do? Should i talk to him? Ignore him? Should i be myself around him or should i pretend that im someone else? I miss him as a friend I also get jealous... Help

You have to decide what do you want. You can’t choose both of the options. It’s Love, or It’s Friendship. 


Anonymous: My best friend says I have nice body, and likes holding my hand, and he admitted that he tried to kiss me because I have nice lips, but he says he doesn't feel anything, and when he looks at me he smiles, it's confusing for me, but he has a girlfriend, and he still like his ex, and my friends said to me he is in love with me, but I don't know!!

If he’s in love with you then it’s his responsibility to tell that. Else, he has a girlfriend right? Why to cheat on her? It’s YOU or HER, and he has absolutely chose her.


Anonymous: i dont know what to do i really like my gbf and he just sends me mixed signals one day were together kissing and being all cute & the next day hes calling me for help about the girl he's in love with now i feel like nothings the same i dont know what to do anymore should i tell him to stop being all cute with me or should i let him just keep doing what he wants but i just dont wanna loose him :(

Yeah I think you should tell him to stop. He loves a girl, and you’re just friends. End of the story.


Anonymous: i love my gbf we hooked up here and there and his gf found out she was really close to me i feel really bad but i want him. there still together but he tells me he wants me and that he's gonna break up with her but he hasnt done it yet its been over a month should i wait and belive him or should i just stop trying and move on ??

Stop trying. You said his girlfriend is close to you. She was hurt once, why to hurt her again? Else, if he would break up with her, then he would do it, but he didn’t. MOVE ON.